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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Join the Labour party and support Jeremy Corbyn

 Jeremy Corbyn.An alternative to the status quo


Jeremy Corbyn MP and Labour Party leadership candidate

This morning, I rejoined the Labour party to support Jeremy Corbyn in his bid to become leader of the Labour party.
I knew Jeremy many years back. I left the party in the late 1980's, he stayed.
Today, he is on the ballot paper to become leader, which is the best news to come out of the Labour Party for many years. I shall be campaigning for Jeremy to be elected as leader on 10th September.

To put  my long self induced absence from mainstream politics into some sort of perspective, I left Labour because I could no longer support a Party which had abandoned principle for popularity. They had become more concerned with perpetuating the "system" and bailing out banks with our money, while at the same time trying to convince people that it really was for our own good. Over recent years, supporting the ConDem coalition in their philistine destruction of the NHS and during the years of the last Labour government, failing to replace draconian anti Trade Union legislation imposed since 1980. 
Offering gestures like the minimum wage, is not a replacement for radical reform of a corrupt and bankrupt system. As I have suggested previously, to state that "Labour risks moving too far to the Left" is an insult to members of the party going back over 100 years and to add "and is in danger of alienating business" demonstrates vividly where the parties loyalties now lie.
With the nomination of Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for the leadership, the party now has a distinct choice between more of the same, to a greater or lesser degree from the other 3 candidates on the ballot, or a radical alternative to the Conservatives who offer more and more austerity and a failing foreign policy based on American rather than British 

It is interesting to note that even before Corbyn's nomination had been confirmed, a poll indicated that Jeremy Corbyn held 47% of those polled with Andy Burnham on just 13% and the rest nowhere. Now that the candidates list has been finalised, perhaps many others will rejoin Labour as I have done, to support Jeremy Corbyn in his bid for the leadership. It is clearly obvious that he has much support amongst existing members (though not, as yet, within the Parliamentary Labour Party) and amongst people.

What the party and the country desperately needs is a clear alternative to the present policies both of the Labour party and the other political parties on offer.

I sincerely believe that Jeremy Corby offers such an alternative and can provide the leadership necessary to deliver that package. I urge all those who may have left Labour and all those who are seeking an alternative to the current situation, to join the Labour party and support Jeremy Corbyn.