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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Acceptable to who Alan? Alan Johnson's comments shows where the Labour Party has gone adrift.

The next Labour leader should be anyone except Jeremy Corbyn, Alan Johnson says

Alan Johnson in typical pose

Alan Johnson has said that "any of the candidates for Labour leader would be acceptable except left-winger Jeremy Corbyn".
This comment rather begs the question "Acceptable to who?"
Perhaps Johnson is referring to the majority of the Parliamentary Labour party, who would prefer a facsimile of Tony Blair in either male or female form. Johnson is certainly not referring to many rank and file party members existing or who have joined (or in my case rejoined) to support Jeremy Corbyn in his bid for the leadership.Nor is Johnson referring to large numbers of people, not Labour Party members, who have indicated that a new, fresh voice in the Labour Party is something that they have been wishing for over many years.

Jeremy Corbyn. Labour Party leadership candidate
 Jeremy Corbyn is exactly what the Labour Party needs as leader to refocus on the values of the Labour Party and the people which Labour should represent.