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Sunday, 14 June 2015

A conspiracy to prevent publication of the Chilcott Inquiry Report?

Chilcot report into the Iraq war 'unlikely to be published for another year'

Report "unlikely to be published for another year at least"


This is the Headline from the Guardian of 26th June 2014. 

"Chilcot report into 2003 Iraq conflict delayed further 
Due to have been published three years ago, the Chilcot report now threatens to haunt UK politics ahead of the 2015 election"

 Now, 14th June 2015, some 12 months on, it is announced that the Chilcot report into the Iraq war 'unlikely to be published for another year' and that David Cameron is under pressure to scrap the inquiry.
This is outrageous and the stench of conspiracy becomes even more odious.
Chilcott and his 6 year long "independent" inquiry has been effectively blocked by those individuals and organisations who have too much to hide and bear responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including British service personnel, based on a fairy tale presented to Parliament as truth. Chilcott has become party to this conspiracy by allowing the prevarication and delays to continue. It is almost impossible to envisage what measures can now be taken, or even who could lead the exposure of this duplicity. One of the greatest cover up in the history of this country has succeeded in protecting the political and military "establishment" from any criticism and certainly the prospect of any prosecution, for their crimes against the people of this country and the people of Iraq.