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Monday, 15 April 2013

I come to bury Thatcher, not to praise her.



I have not got an invite to the funeral. Perhaps "they" know what I think,write and say about the woman who destroyed whole socities in this country, decimated numerous UK industries, condemened hundreds of thousands of people to a life on benefits, made greed and selfishness acceptable, and declared that there is no such thing as society. The legacy of this evil woman lives on even today in the actions and attitudes of people like Cameron, Duncan-Smith, Schaps, Osborne and the rest. Division rules in the UK as Tories seek to "out Maggie, Maggie". Labour MP's and the wider Labour movement, and all other people who have been savaged by the most devisive politician in British political history, should boycott all events associated with the funeral and should resist any attempt to glorify this woman with a "permanent memorial". Her memorials are already part of our ladscape. Empty factories derilict accross the country, ghost towns where there were once thriving communities, whole generations of unemployed steel workers, miners, ship builders and their like, all victims of Thatcher and her vile policies. Bury the woman, but expect no flowers or sympathy from me. As someone once said "The evil that men do lives after them" Thus so it be with Thatcher.