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Monday, 1 April 2013

The day Britain changes

Coalition cuts and reforms take effect commencing today.


David Cameron
David Cameron leaves No 10



A new world heaves into view this week with sweeping changes in the fields of welfare, justice, health and tax.

Monday 1 April
Bedroom tax introduced
Thousands lose access to legal aid
Council tax benefit passes into local control
NHS commissioning changes for ever
Regulation of financial industry changes
Monday 8 April
Benefit uprating begins

Monday 15 April
Welfare benefit cap

28 April
Universal credit introduced

The latest list of measures which vividly expose the determination of this government to drive people into submission and acceptance of “one way austerity”. The objectives of these latest controls are twofold. Firstly, to provide that the divisions within society between sections of the ordinary people of this country are perpetuated and if possible widened, to ensure that there is no likelihood of any coordinated resistance to the government. Secondly, to create the illusion that this Tory dominated coalition is managing a situation, not of their own making (as they are swift to point out at every opportunity) and are seeking to be “fair” to all sectors of society.
Wake up Britain. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Tory reality is now what it has always been. In order to achieve its long term vision, it is necessary to ensure that people remain divided amongst themselves and are more worried about “benefit scroungers”, terrorists and immigrants than recognising the real enemy. In the background of course, the Tories and their business supporters, and the propaganda media machine supporting them, are beavering away, building their Laissez-faire, (as modified by neoconservative philosophy), utopian society where capitalism is king, where greed is good and where the already rich and powerful become even more rich and powerful at the expense of the rest of society.
At one time the Labour party and the wider labour movement, would have resisted this Tory attack on people, and would have recognised the assault for what it is. However, the representative organisations on the left are now a mere shadow of what they once were. Witness the recent duplicity of the Parliamentary Labour party on the so called “Poundland” workfare vote in the House of commons.
Wake up Britain. There are numerous MP's on both sided of the House of Commons who are more concerned with their own pockets and position than with their principles. As all political parties have essentially congregated in the “centre ground” of politics, there is little to choose between them, except perhaps on the margins of the arguments, and in the privacy of the polling booth, voters could be excused for spoiling their papers.
These are not the first examples of oppressive legislation introduced since 2010 nor will they be the last. This latest tranche just happens to come into effect on the same day. With the legislation passed so far which includes effectively dismantling the NHS, privatising vast sections of publicly owned assets, this country is fast becoming a two tier nation with rapidly widening divisions between those who have and those who have not. We can only speculate on what further steps this government will take in order to impose its own interpretation of how British society should be structured. There can be little doubt that Clegg, Cameron, Duncan-Smith, Schapps and the rest are already drafting yet more odious measures to be inflicted upon this country.
For as long as sectors of our people continue to dispute between them, unemployed and unemployed, benefit claimants and non claimants, sick and able bodied, so will this government enjoy the freedom to impose its insidious plan to reshape British society in its own fashion.
Where there is no collective resistance, the unacceptable face of greed and self interest shall prevail.