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Thursday, 4 April 2013

MPs complain dinner expenses are not generous enough 

 These people are the "Vile product of Greed ridden UK politics"


MPs complain dinner expenses rules not generous enough

In a week which witnessed the introduction of the governments latest round of austerity measures  attacking the ordinary people of this country with cuts and "reforms" in welfare, justice, health and tax, the week where Iain Duncan Smith after defending the "Bedroom tax", boasted that he could live on £53 per week "If he had to", the week where the Daily Mail attacked people on welfare by suggesting that all benefit claimants are of the same inclination as the evil child killer Mick Philpott, the "Vile product of Welfare UK", we now have MP's pleading food poverty.

Not satisfied with fiddling their expenses to augment their already extortionate salaries, they now seek to inflate their daily food allowance currently set at £15. That is £75 per week of 5 days just for food. That is more than many families would have for food, gas, electricity, and other household bills for a whole week ! Yet MP's, who can claim thousands of pounds per month for second homes, or furniture and decoration, or travel tickets (the list is almost endless), Now have the crass audacity to complain that they cannot afford the price of a burger in the numerous canteens and restaurants of the Palace of Westminster. MP's seem to be suggesting that their food allowance should be increased to £24 or even £29 per day.  
For decades past, many MP's have had an over inflated view of their position and now consider themselves to be very important persons, deserving of special consideration and not subject to the constraints or limitations of the rest of society. The myth of "We are all in this together" has finally been smashed. As people visit their local foodbanks for this weeks food for their families, there will be little, if any sympathy, for "Honourable members" who have to make do with sirloin steak for their lunch because they can't afford the fillet.