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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Iain Duncan Smith issues more instructions.

Iain Duncan Smith Tells Wealthy Pensioners To Hand Back Their Bus Passes

IDS urges wealthy pensioners to forego perks.

Another outpouring of verbal diarrhea from the "scrounger" living rent free in a lodge on his father in law's estate, who enjoys a chauffeur driven limousine on his way to and from work (and no doubt return trips to other less well known locations) and who's grasp of reality is severely limited by his background, his class and his intellectual abilities. Instead of lecturing the rest of us about things (in all aspects of his position as Work and Pensions Secretary)  which he could never understand or imagine, he would be better employed instructing or requesting that the other 649 MP's give up their allowances for food every week, (because they can afford to feed themselves from their already generous salaries and other perks can they not) as their contribution to saving money during these times of economic difficulty. 
It is beyond the point in time, when Iain Duncan Smith should be given a more appropriate and useful role, more aptly suited to his talents. Assistant Head gardener at the British Embassy in La Paz for example.