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Sunday, 28 April 2013

It is not just a seating plan that is needed.

Ed Miliband prepares Labour for major autumn reshuffle
Miliband warns frontbench team that some 'need to make their mark'

In addition to "re arranging the deck chairs", Miliband should also look at policies. No matter which faces occupy the front bench, a party which acquiesces to changes in the law following the "Poundland Workfare" judgement, allows wholesale privatisation of the NHS with barely a whimper, when in office did nothing to amend or repeal the anti trade union legislation of previous Tory governments, did not role back and in some cases even increased, the insidious expansion of privatisation, will never be taken seriously as a radical reforming party. There is no mention emanating from Labour, of any plan or idea on how to rein in the excesses of the bankers or how to expand public sector programmes for social housing or infrastructure projects to generate aggregate demand in the economy and to get people back to work. Get a grip Ed and provide alternatives to this disaster of a government, not just more of the same old and tired mumblings but from different faces.