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Sunday, 7 April 2013

When "fairness" means "self interest and hatred"

 Benefit Reforms Are Putting 'Fairness Back At Heart Of Britain' Says Cameron


Wrong Cameron. Benefit "reforms" are generating division, self interest and hatred in Britain. Ensuring that society is divided against itself on the question of welfare, is yet another tactic in the "divide and rule" philosophy employed by the Tory's since 1918 and even before. This time however, you have gone too far as more and more people recognise the pernicious cynicism of Tory intent. Rothermere of the Daily Mail and even News International may provide you, Osborne and the others with a platform to peddle your hypocritical ""We are putting fairness back at the heart of Britain" deception, but for many the mask of Tory rectitude has been removed.