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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Legacy ? What legacy ?


Baroness Sue Campbell: 'We have wasted the Olympic legacy'



 This was always going to be the case. This, with the numerous other examples of the waste of taxpayer money funding the Olympics, which were never more than an exercise in money making by the "corporate entertainments" industry, a number of sycophantic MP's and a collection of other public figures and "celebs" promoting themselves, has, as predicted by many, turned out to be a gigantic waste of £billions. Some athletes may have enjoyed the experience. Some of the public who managed to get seats may have enjoyed it. (Why were there so many empty seats in most of the stadiums ?) The vast majority of people however, small traders, visitors, general public etc gained no benefit from the Olympics at all. Just go to Weymouth as an example, and ask around.

Olympics 2012 ? A complete waste of money and resources, as predicted.