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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Buying or renting a home will soon not be options.

A whole generation ‘won’t be able to buy or rent a home’

a growing number of people cannot afford to buy or rent

This crisis was predicted as long ago as the late 1970's. Successive governments have done nothing since then and they will do nothing now. Until such times as the people of this country realise how they are being duped with such meaningless phrases as "right to buy", "affordable housing", "help to purchase" and all the other rhetoric pouring out of governments and successive housing ministers, nothing will happen to redress the problem.
Today, houses and flats stand empty and boarded in the expectation that that the owners (in many cases local authorities) may profit from the sale of the land at some indeterminate time in the future.. Large amounts of land owned by local authorities remain as "assets" on council treasury books rather than being released for housing development.

cathy come home
Homelessness is still a huge issue nearly 40 years after Cathy Come Home

The construction of social housing has become anathema, demonised and vilified as somehow not worthy of consideration primarily due to the Tory generated myth, that the people who are likely to live there will only be scroungers and benefit claimants. It is a sad reflection on today's society, that there are many people who actually believe this “nasty party” propaganda and accept it as fact.
It is not the materials for building and land for development which prevents solving this problem. It is the political will and determination to address the task. In this, all governments share the blame and the shame.