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Monday, 9 December 2013

The shadow of Blair at the next election.

Secret memo shows key role for Blairites in Labour's election team: Alastair Campbell and Alan Milburn to advise Ed Miliband

Tony Blair.
Alistair Campbell

Alan Milburn

The sinister shadow of Blair and his accomplices, has been lurking in the dark recesses of the Labour party for some years. Now it seems that they are prepared to throw off the cloak and bid again for dominance in what was once the party for working people and for those in our society least able to defend themselves. If anyone was, even fleetingly, thinking about returning to the Labour party fold in the belief that Miliband and his people may, just, be regaining a semblance of principle in the struggle against corporate greed, ConDem coalition and Tory excesses, they will be sadly disappointed on learning this news.
These people destroyed the former Labour party to create the monstrosity of "New Labour" which deserted its historical base, perpetuated and expanded the injustices in employment legislation and took this country into illegal wars. Even the introduction of a minimum wage was nothing more than a crumb of concession in furtherance of the Blair image. People may even be forgiven for thinking that it is only a matter of time before Blair himself, emerges at the second coming to be parachuted into a very safe Labour seat and oust Miliband as supreme leader.
The reports that "Blairites" will have a key role in the next election team is justification enough to remove any thoughts of a renaissance in Labour's traditional position or any likelihood of supporting them at the polls.
If I stood again, it is more likely to be as a candidate for the  "None of the above" party rather than Labour.