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Saturday, 28 December 2013

More like a noisy farmyard than the "Senate" of the United Kingdom.

Is it time to bring rowdy MPs into line and reform PMQs? 



Controlling the mob?

I have long been critical of the weekly circus of "Yaboo" politics so loved and commented upon by the media pundits of television and press. "The Prime minister was clearly left reeling after heavy blows were landed from the opposition benches" or some other cliche ridden rubbish from BBC News or Sky News or some other media commentators, frequently dominate the political news "reports", and are as meaningless as they are banal.

It is not only during Questions to the Prime Minister that this playground behaviour of trading insults and shouting banalities across the chamber of the House of Commons is put on public display by the cameras and microphones. Many, perhaps the majority of debates, on matters far too important to be left to the hysterical rantings of people behaving more like spoilt children than serious politicians,degenerate into farce and are resolved only by the usual troop through the lobbies of members pre programmed to record their votes in a particular way, as they are nothing more than lobby fodder for the whips and leadership of their respective parties.
If there are to be reforms in the way in which PMQ's and indeed all debates in the Commons are conducted, then such changes should be welcomed. It may go some way towards alleviating the growing disgust, resentment and hostility that many people in this country feel towards politicians and the way in which they behave and how they conduct themselves.