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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The war mongers still want to bomb Syria

 Alistair Burt reveals anger over Syria vote at Westminster

Alistair Burt: whinging war monger

It really is nauseating when the war mongers like Alistair Burt, bleat on with their whinging spurious garbage about how Parliament has somehow become undermined and impotent because those itching to become involved in the Syrian Civil war, (for whatever reasons their hidden agenda demands), have been defeated in their desires to kill people in someone else's country and someone else's war.
It appears that they would have no qualms or shame in using other peoples lives in their desire to demonstrate their macho images with the specious justification of "supporting the Syrian opposition forces" regardless of the fact that they are unable to specify which of the 1001 opposition groups they would actually be supporting.
Parliamentary democracy often involves not getting your own way on every issue. Burt and the war mongers lost the vote and have been moaning about it ever since