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Saturday, 21 December 2013

The shortest day of 2013

 The Winter Solstice.

21st December

Today is the 21st day of December or the 355th day of 2013.

It is also the winter solstice, the longest night of the year or to be more accurate the shortest day. As from today the nights begin to get shorter an event which we have looked forward to for over six months. I have always found the long winter nights very disturbing. The fog and mists of winter together with the rain and wind and the cold is not something which I really enjoy. When the clocks go back in October of every year I am immediately thrown into a state of gloom, looking forward to the time when the clocks can go forward again.
Apart from the festivities of Christmas and the New Year winter is one long drag. At least now as the days get longer, albeit by only a few minutes each day or week, we can look forward to that day in March, the 29th in fact, when the clocks will be put forward by one hour and normality will return. It would of course be better if they left the clocks alone and didn't subject our bodies to an annual change in sleeping patterns and behaviour.
One can always hope.