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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Davies Commission "short list" has no place for propriety and common sense.

 Heathrow and Gatwick shortlisted for new runway as airport options unveiled


Expansion of Heathrow is one of the proposals being considered by the Davies Commission
shortlists  plans for an extra runway at Heathrow,  and Gatwick,

The only section of our society which actually demands the expansion at Heathrow are parts of the "big business" lobby who, in any case, have their own agenda for this scheme. Never a consideration for the hundreds of homes (and in the midst of a nationwide housing crisis) to be flattened to make way for the bulldozers, levelers, surface layers and all the other machinery and people associated with a huge construction project. No consideration for the whole villages with their associated shops, churches village halls and all the other things usually part and parcel of village life in England, which will be destroyed by this undertaking of economic barbarism in the name of "progress". And, perhaps most importantly, no consideration for the hundreds if not thousands of people who's lives will be disrupted and permanently devastated by the effects of this task.
It seems that the "business" lobby is able, with monotonous regularity, to resurrect the issue of expansion at Heathrow albeit that the idea has been dismissed on numerous occasions and by many diverse groups and politicians. This time, a government appointed Airports Commission, has compiled an interim report with a "short list", which to the surprise of no one, seems to be heavily biased in favour of an expansion of Heathrow. The "business lobby" has demonstrated again that their "agenda" and no doubt their opportunity to acquire huge profits from a project anticipated to have a budget running to hundreds of £billions, will not be frustrated by anything so mundane as social integrity.
It is the wrong scheme, in the wrong place which is being so vigorously promoted by small but influential groups for the wrong reasons. Propriety and common sense have no place in the pursuit of profits and the people, the communities and those directly effected are of no consequence.