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Monday, 30 December 2013

CBI Chief says "Pay workers more" !

Pay workers more, CBI chief tells thriving firms

Director General of CBI: John Cridland.

John Cridland, director-general of the CBI, is either living on some planet millions of miles away from reality, or he is treating us all to a "tongue in cheek" piece of New Year nonsense.
Companies exist on a simple premise. Charge their customers the maximum price that they possibly can, and at the same time pay their workers the absolute minimum that they can get away with. Should the workers protest, then scream "Holding the country to ransom" and rely on the divisions within society, the prejudice of bias within the press such as the Mail or Sky News, the support and encouragement of many MP's (who have their own agenda in any case) and the fear of working people generally that they may find themselves without jobs.
There is no incentive for any employer  "benefiting from the economic recovery" to "pay their long-suffering workers more next year" as the Director General suggests. They are all too busy improving their "bottom lines" and worrying about how much dividend they should declare for their institutional investors and how they can secure another 12 months of "pay restraint" for their employes