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Monday, 2 December 2013

Hypocrisy creates bizarre bedfellows

David Cameron says that Britain will be China's strongest advocate in western world.

Left: Chinese president Xi Jinping. Right: Prime Minister David Cameron
Chinese president Xi Jinping. and Prime Minister David Cameron

Cameron, and therefore Britain, seem to be developing a very disturbing relationship with China and its population in excess of 1.35 billion people and its appalling record of human rights abuses.
When it comes to political expediency and economic hypocrisy, this British government (and previous ones, particularly that of  Tony Blair) have few equals in roundly condemning the regimes of those where we have no economic, social or political interest and completely ignoring all criticisms, conventions and any activist organisation reports from within or outside offending countries.
It seems that China has joined Saudi Arabia, Burma, Bahrain, Israeli occupied Palestine, Brazil and numerous other places around the world, on the Foreign Office list of countries where it is acceptable to use force, torture, illegal detention or any other means of population control to perpetuate the ruling classes.    
The irony of hypocrisy.