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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Corbyn critic becomes Head of Development and Community Relations with Sellafield Ltd

Corbyn critic quits as Labour MP, triggering tight by election race

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Jamie Reed
A labour MP leaves the party to take up a lucrative position as Head of Development and Community Relations with Sellafield Ltd, a private limited company owned by HM Government, a position which pays, "not that much more than" his £74,962 MP’s salary. A Labour MP who publicly resigned from the shadow cabinet in June This is the same Labour MP who, when calling for Jeremy Corbyn's resignation said, “In the short time you have been Leader, along with the shadow Chancellor, you have sought to inject an unprecedented poison into our party,” adding, “You have actively worked to divide Labour MPs from the Labour Party membership…you have repeatedly incited you supporters on social media to confront Labour MPs; without doubt you are not fit to lead our great party.” 
Jamie Reed, who has been Labour Member of Parliament for Copeland since 2005, has never been known for his support of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party leadership and during the Trident Nuclear deterrent renewal debate described Corbyn as "reckless, juvenile and narcissistic".
The general tone of his resignation letter however, is not particularly compatible with the views publicly expressed be Reed, certainly since Corbyn was elected to the leadership of the party in September of 2015. However, with one or two notable exceptions, Reed's resignation letter to Jeremy Corbyn, follows the normal conventions in thanking everyone for their help and encouragement, heaping praise on a few sections adding, "I wish you every success in your endeavours to become our next Prime Minister." and "I hope that the next Labour government will help to deliver this".
Reed's resignation creates the necessity for a by election in this marginal seat sometime early in the New Year. Both Labour and Conservative lost ground to UKIP at the last election and now with the result from the referendum, the Labour party will face a problematic campaign in a Constituency which is known to have a pro Brexit persuasion.
Will Reed be missed by the party generally?
Probably not.