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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Supreme Court is not seeking to overturn Brexit.

Sky News: Newspaper preview 6th December 2016.

Carole Malone, journalist and writer was again one of the occupants of the Sky News sofa last night for their nightly newspaper preview. During the course of her first contribution at 10:30, Malone managed to clearly demonstrate that not only is she a rude and patronising "journalist", but also that she has a complete ignorance of the topic that she spent over twenty minutes hysterically trying to talk over Ian Dunt, the other occupant on the sofa, with her nonsense rantings that the Supreme Court judges hearing the governments appeal against a High Court ruling were seeking to overturn and reverse the Brexit decision arising from the June referendum.

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Carole Malone

It is one thing to argue passionately about a subject where you clearly have a knowledge of the detail, but quite another to be hysterically shouting about a subject upon which your knowledge is limited or even non existent. Ian Dunt who wrote the best seller, "Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?: Everything You Need to Know About Britain's Divorce from Europe 2016" was clearly stunned as Malone completely ignored his attempts to explain to her the reality of the situation, as she droned on about "these judges trying to overturn Brexit and defy the decision of the referendum".

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Ian Dunt

She clearly could not or perhaps would not, wrap her mind around the paramount question as to whether government, or more accurately the "Executive" in the form of Prime Minister with a very few other ministers, has the power, through "Government Prerogative" to implement policy or overturn treaties or other legislation without Parliament (The Lords and Commons combined) approval.
I have written in the past that this is not a question of "Brexit" or "Remain". It is not even a question about the judiciary "interfering" with the democratic process of this country. The only question, is that of the pre-eminence of Parliament and its members, and whether Parliament (Lords and Commons combined) can be circumvented and undermined by a small clique of MP's using the antiquated and now corrupted concession, of "Prerogative" to push through legislation which they know will be problematic to enact should the matter be debated in Parliament or to change, amend or completely repeal legislation previously passed by Parliament, in this case the European Communities Act 1972 (UK).

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Anna Botting

Even Anna Botting seemed bewildered by Malone's preoccupation with the Supreme Court judges, who are in her opinion, "seeking to overturn Brexit". In fact, Malone was not even aware of the constitutional position that a referendum result in the United Kingdom is not legally binding, even though it would be a brave politician who ignored the result.

It is difficult to understand why Sky News persistently invite these second rate newspaper previewers like Carole Malone, Christina Patterson, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Sayed Mathews and a few others, back on to the programme to occupy the sofa every night. One thing is clear however. What ever these people are being paid as a fee, it is far too much.