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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Gerald Coyne accuses the Unite general secretary of meddling too much in Westminster politics,

Unite leadership challenger Gerard Coyne says Len McCluskey has put Labour infighting above members’ needs

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Gerald Coyne

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Len McCluskey

Gerald Coyne, another of the Quasi intellectuals so much in favour with the Guardian and other "centrist" media who will grasp at any opportunity, now matter how small or how unclear such opportunity may be, in their incessant campaign to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership of the Labour party. In his bid to replace Len McCluskey as General Secretary of "Unite", Coyne accuses the Unite general secretary of meddling too much in Westminster politics, a comment which in itself is reason enough for members to re elect McCluskey for another term. Had the TUC generally and other specific Trade Union leaders in particular, spent more time over the last 18 months "meddling" in Westminster politics, then the Labour party may have been spared the trauma of the second leadership election and the internecine warfare which still simmers in the back rooms of the Commons and in the proprietors editorial offices in many sections of the media.

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Coyne argues that Unite together with presumably other Unions, are "neglecting the crucial issues facing working people". Where in fact, it is Coyne and others of his persuasion, who are "neglecting" the issues facing working people and thereby their own members with their obsession to remove Corbyn. It will come as no surprise to many, that Coyne has the support of "Labour First" the splinter group with the avowed intention of replacing the current Labour party leadership with one more in tune with their own political position, and a number of Labour members of the Parliamentary Party, who have been openly hostile to Corbyn and to Len McCluskey for his continued support for the party leadership. This overriding objective of changing the leader, does not sit well with the notion of "neglecting the crucial issues facing working people".
The essential truth is that the Labour party in Westminster was founded by the Trade Union Movement with the objective to "to establish a voice for working people within parliament" .
It is therefore crucial that Unions generally do "meddle" in Westminster politics, to address and campaign on "the crucial issues facing working people", for that is the role for which the Labour party was created and the role upon which all Labour party MP's should be directing their energies, rather than on the self indulgent distraction of the leadership question.

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These are some of the reasons why I shall be casting my vote for Len McCluskey in the ballot taking place in March/April next year and urge other brothers and sisters to support McCluskey also.
We must not allow the continuing self interests of some elements within the Union movement and the party, to detract from what our only objective must be. We must address the "crucial issues facing working people" in the workplace and in Westminster for that is the reason for the Trade Union movement and for the creation of the Labour party.