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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Take the railways back into Public Ownership.

Network Rail to lose complete control of tracks in Government shake-up

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Another half baked scheme from a government tinkering with the peripheries of a problem and coming up with yet another "opportunity to secure private sector investment".
In any other words, an opportunity for some private companies to have access to vast sums of taxpayers (that's us) money and milk off huge profits for the benefit of their share holders and of course that all important "bottom line". 

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The only solution solution to the growing difficulties of the railways, from the point of view of the travelling passengers and of the tax payers, is for the entire railway network, the rolling stock, the operators, the infrastructure the stations and everything else to be brought back into public ownership. For far too long, the private companies have enjoyed massive subsidies from the taxpayers as well as the additional income from inflated ticket prices, well above the rate of inflation, and also the "cost savings" brought about by reductions in staffing levels, all of which led to increased profits at the expense of the traveling public.  
It is a scandal created by conservatives and their commitment to the privatisation of all public assets, services and utilities, soon to be extended into what remains of our NHS.
It is a scandal which must be exposed and reversed for the benefit of all our people.

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