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Friday, 16 December 2016

Trumpanzee !.A new one to add to the list.

Vladimir Putin 'personally involved' in US hack, report claims

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I have been called many things over the years that I have been involved in politics, ranging from "Commie b******", through to "Corbynista" (and all stops in between). The latest label comes from the pen of a Carl Maltby, responding to a comment I made on the "story" headlined "Vladimir Putin 'personally involved' in US hack, report claims" 

(my comment: "This almost daily hysterical nonsense is becoming very silly. The western media and many politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, seem convinced that the general public is naive enough to believe this drivel. It is a sad reflection on the media and on those people peddling this absurd rubbish."). opposed to the squeaky clean racist misogynistic double-digit IQ orange goblin being satisfactory in all ways? 
Get real, Trumpanzee

Maltby, completes his "contribution" with the comment "Get real, Trumpanzee". 
Trumpanzee! Now there is a new one which is neither particularly adroit or even accurate.

Just goes to show that Trolls can get in anywhere even onto the pages of Guardian comments.

Unfortunately the Guardian closed the article with their, "This article is now closed for comments," which prevented me from responding, which is a pity because Maltby will never now know my reaction. Unless of course he reads New Agenda at some time.