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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Samantha Power: hand wringing hypocrisy and emotional insincerity

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Samantha Power criticises Syria, Iran and Russia over Aleppo.

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Samantha Power indulges in the usual mock and overplayed "sincerity" in criticising Russia and Iran in connection with the Aleppo tragedy.
It is a bit rich for an America that has on numerous occasions, turned its eyes away from the atrocities inflicted upon the people of Gaza, to ask others the question "Are you incapable of shame?" when they themselves have ignored countless humanitarian crises in other countries.
The catastrophe for "the West", is that their allies, "the Good rebels" in Aleppo have been defeated and that the great plan to bring regime change to Syria with the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad has been set back by years, if not completely derailed.

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The tragedy of the civil war in Syria, is that the continued support in weapons, logistics and materiel being supplied to "the Good rebels" is prolonging the war and the humanitarian suffering of the Syrian people.
I am getting very fed up with the almost constant barrage of propaganda in the media and on television, stressing that only the Syrian government and those supporting them against rebel forces are the only forces committing atrocities and war crimes. Some politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, continue with their obsession to remove the Syrian government and to replace it with one created by "the Good rebels", a mind set which perpetuates the war and suffering of ordinary Syrians.
Our television screens are filled every day with hand wringing hypocrisy and emotional insincerity in speeches from politicians, pundits and spokespersons telling us that "the regime and its supporters" are the bad guys and that they must immediately stop attacking areas, which incidentally just happen to be in "rebel" controlled areas. It is sad that many people in the west accept this nonsensical propaganda as true. It would be a very different slant on the story if "the Good rebels" were actually winning. It would be difficult if not impossible under that scenario, for the "Western Powers" and UN Ambassador Samantha Power to hide their delight.