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Monday, 10 April 2017

New Agenda on Sunday is out. Edition of 09 April 2017

Good morning everyone

It seems that the "gremlin" has returned as I have not received "New Agenda on Sunday" in my e=mail box. Consequently. I have had to resort to the fix that I was using a couple of weeks back when the same problem occurred. Hope it still works.

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I note with disgust, that both Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury (to name but two) have dropped the word "Easter" from their egg ranges.
Now I am not a particularly religious person, but I will not be dictated to, instructed by, or otherwise taught how to behave by a bunch of self appointed, impertinent, PC brigade meddlers, who seem to have too much time on their hands and little else to do.I
shall continue to use the word "Easter" as I will continue to use the word "Christmas" at the appropriate time. Anyone who disagrees with that can get ........and go to ......
Happy Easter everyone !!.

Image result for A group of schoolchildren were spotted beneath the cliffs at West Bay

A group of schoolchildren were spotted beneath the cliffs at West Bay despite repeated warnings about the dangers of potential rockfalls. A 20-strong group, including adults, were seen taking measurements and examining rocks, apparently on a school field trip, they even stopped for lunch on the rocks.!
People have been killed in rockfalls at this spot. and yet children are encouraged to work beneath the cliff face. Sheer lunacy.

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Brian Moore, 55, former England hooker and one of the Rugby World Cup winning side of 2003 and now a member of BBC's rugby commentary team, is is intensive care after suffering a heart attack.
Hang in there Brian !
Best wishes for a speedy return to the commentary box and those caustic comments especially "feeding" at the scrum.
Image result for Syria airstrikes: US targets airfield in first direct military action against Assad

Since early 2013, the American government closely followed by the United Kingdom government and with the French governments padding along at their heels like some well rained and obedient poodle, have been desperately seeking some justification, no matter how tenuous, to become involved in the Syrian Civil war. In this odious quest, they have been enthusiastically encouraged and supported by a media and television machine, frantically baying for the removal of Bashar al Assad and the Damascus government.
(Read the full transcript at "The hypocrisy of the Western Powers" copy and paste link)

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Timothy Peter Pigott-Smith OBE May 1946 – 7 April 2017 an English film and television actor and author.
I remember Pigott-Smith mainly for his brief appearance in Downton Abbey as Sir Philip Tapsell attending Sybil Branson in childbirth, and then as Brigadier Timothy Wilson in Foyles war.
In a career spanning many years in film and television, he was eventually recognised as one of the United Kingdom's great actors.
Tim Pigott-Smith. R I P

Image result for Dr Rebecca Louise Ovenden

Dr Rebecca Louise Ovenden 32, who wrote a viral Facebook post bemoaning the state of the NHS has been found dead.
R I P Dr Ovenden.

After a few days of record temperatures, the weather forecasters are now predicting a return of a cold front for next week. Astonishingly, one of them was even forecasting snow! Fortunately, I have not put the De Longhi's back into the garage yet.

Have a nice week