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Monday, 24 April 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 23 April 2017

Good morning everyone

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There is to be a General election on June 8th, which will be news to anyone who has been anyone who has been away for the past week or so and out of touch with television or other media. There is also an election going on across the Channel where numerous candidates have been seeking to become President of the 5th Republic. All this of course is especially good news for the media, particularly for Sky News where Adam Boulton, Sophie Ridge, Fisal Islam et al can all rush around commuting between Paris and London and telling everyone how important they are. On BBC, only slightly less hysterical with their coverage, Laura Kuenssberg, Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil, Victoria Derbyshire and of course Norman Smith are relishing in the limelight of almost constant exposure to demonstrate their knowledge, insight and political bias.
If only we had an impartial media, election coverage would be far less stressful.

Further reading may be found at:

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Just copy and paste the links.

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Kelvin McKenzie has a history of being an obnoxious, arrogant and very nasty piece of work. He should have been fired many years ago and certainly for this latest foul piece of McKenzie "journalism". Saying "sorry" from him or his employers is just not good enough. His latest racist comments about Ross Barkley, the Everton football player led to the Sun publishing an apology, on page 5 of course. An awful paper and an awful "journalist.

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Beware !
It is reported that Britain is about to be invaded by the 2 inch long Giant Asian Hornet, which apparently kills around 40 people in Japan every year. A foreign import which we (that is the "Royal We") can really do without.

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NEW food routes have been launched which offer a mouth-watering slice of Dorset.
The eight routes, for both walking and cycling, are designed to get people out and about in the Dorset countryside and trying some of the county's most scrumptious fare. Vinny cheese followed by Dorset apple cake, now there is a thought.

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The London marathon provided the video clip of the day as Swansea Harriers runner Mathew Rees assists fellow runner David Wyeth through the last 200 yards. Rees sacrificed his own time to help a fellow athlete complete the race. That says something.

They are still predicting cold with snow in some places. The mind boggles.

Have a nice week