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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

May's cynical exercise in political opportunism


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Within 12 hours of Theresa May announcing that there would be a General Election on June 8th, both Sky News and BBC News 24 had launched into their "election coverage", with glaringly obvious bias towards the government preferred issue of making the election solely about "Brexit", and their own long running campaign to undermine and smear Jeremy Corbyn. It was particularly conspicuous in the nightly "Newspaper Preview" item, where both sets of Sky and BBC previewers contrived within a few minuets of the start of their comments managed to link how an election would in fact strengthen Theresa May's position in the "Brexit" negotiations and how some mostly unnamed Labour MP's were allegedly, already saying that they would not support the leadership and would campaign on "their own manifesto's". We can confidently expect that over the course of the next few days and weeks, the tone of this two pronged bias to become even more hysterical and personal as conservative and media desperation with the prospect of Labour winning becomes more of reality. This morning, Victoria Derbyshire now infamous for her bias as shown in the Labour Party leadership debates of last year, lost no time in throwing in the barbed comments Corbyn's leadership if Labour lost or whether he would be Prime Minister if Labour won. This was amongst her almost incessant banging on and on about Brexit talking over who ever the question was directed at. The though crossed my mind as to why no one ever says to this woman Why don’t you just shut up and listen to the answers?". A very twisted and warped interviewer too obsessed with the image of her own importance.

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Over the course of the next 6 weeks, the conservatives and their media collaborators in the press and on television, will be seeking to provoke our candidates, party workers and supporters into stale debate on Brexit and the way in which negotiations should be conducted. The empty rhetoric and meaningless clich├ęs which Theresa May spewed out from the podium in Downing Street failed to conceal the real reasons behind the about face of historic proportions which she performed yesterday (18th April). The decision was always about political opportunity and her vision of increasing the conservative majority in the House of Commons. She has responded to the picture in the opinion polls in a crude and cynical exercise in political opportunism, and no matter what her own MP's may say when dragged out to support her party line, the public recognise that this as a cynical ploy just to increase her majority and has nothing at all to do with National interest.

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We in the Labour party must ensure that we are not drawn into the narrow debate on Brexit or the party leadership. The people of this country have endured the oppression of austerity for the past seven years, the cuts to the NHS which has resulted in extended waiting times, less doctors and nurses, reductions in GP's and the invaluable service which they provide for our communities, the continuing cuts to social services mental health care and welfare, the never ending housing crisis, depriving families of any prospect of ever having their own homes. These are but some of the issues which we must drive home to the British people and ensure that we put the message across that there is another way forward and that there are alternatives to austerity. We must emphasise that the Labour party represents all society, not just a privileged few. A few sections of our society grow rich at the expense of the many and the sick, disabled, unemployed and those reliant on welfare are left behind. It is not right and it is not fair.

The Labour party offers an alternative to the status quo of past decades and it is our responsibility to ensure that message is spread to all corners of the country