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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The fantasies of the Prime Minister and her supporters in the media.

Theresa May "a more popular leader than Thatcher or Blair" opinion poll reveals.

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As each day passes moving deeper into the election campaign,the rhetoric and exaggerated nonsense concerning the "popularity" of Theresa May and her "strong and stable" government becomes even more hysterical. BBC News and Sky Television News competing with each other and the national media, to provide the most headline grabbing "stories" of the conservative lead over the Labour party. Last nights coverage of the days events commencing with Prime Ministers Questions was no exception. Accurately reporting that the Prime Minister used the phrase "strong and stable government", more than 40 times during her responses to questions, many of which were planted on the conservative benches for just that purpose, coupled with the phrase "coalition of chaos" mentioned almost 60 times, when referring to the possibility of the Labour party being elected to government, the Prime Minister demonstrated a remarkable lack of coherent thought, proving once again that when it comes to debate of the issues, she is miles behind Jeremy Corbyn in content and presentation. The media and television however, were able through the course of the day, to cobble together a vastly different interpretation, rather like an ancient alchemist managing to convert empty repetitive rhetoric into distorted preposterous hyperbole.

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According to the media,and to many of the pundits loitering in the corridors and studios of the television companies, the result of the ballot on June 8th is a forgone conclusion, with the conservatives holding an overall majority of anywhere between 50 and 150 seats. In percentage point figures, the conservatives have a lead over labour of anywhere between 18% and 35% with one poll actually stating the conservatives on 52%  of the vote. The media and the government, continue to hammer the "Brexit" arguments and the stronger Theresa May,s position would be should she be returned to Downing Street with a thumping majority.  Important as the Brexit arguments are, that is not the only issue which should be subject to debate and scrutiny. The country, (and probably the conservative party also) can do without the inane interventions from the buffoon Boris Johnson who in the very short period of time since being appointed to his current position, has managed to upset or insult many foreign dignitaries as well as members of his own party. His latest venture into absurdity and personal insult, was directed at Jeremy Corbyn, who Johnson labeled as a "mutton-headed old mugwump".

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The Labour party however  must remain above the ramblings of  a tired old clown and a conservative Prime Minister, seeing the mirage of  a conservative tsunami sweeping away all but a handful of Labour sets. The result of the election on June 8th is not a done deal.
Yesterday, the Labour party announced that the 1% pay increase for National Health workers would be abandoned and replaced by independent low-pay advisers and a provision for Free collective bargaining.  The shadow health secretary,Jonathan Ashworth, said NHS staff had been undervalued, overworked and underpaid under the Tories, after years of pay freezes for nurses, midwives and other key workers. 

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The Prime Minister was almost forced to admit the fact that she has no intention of retaining the "triple lock" on State Pensions and further cuts to education and Welfare payments are a priority should she be re elected. Labour has already committed to retain the the link and the other benefits on transport, winter fuel payment and television licences already earmarked by the conservatives to be stopped. It was also announced, prior to the party manifesto, that Labour will build 1 million new homes, with at least 50% being homes for rent. Our manifesto will contain details of all those programmes where our policies and our priorities place ordinary people at the forefront rather than the interests of businesses and the rich.

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We must step up our campaigning on our core issues. The conservatives and the media are intent on pushing their efforts towards convincing the electorate that the result is already "in the bag", and that the conservatives will form the next government with a huge majority.
As Bonaparte said, never interfere with the enemy when they are making a huge mistake.