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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The "investigations" into the Conservative election expenses drags on and on.

Tory election spending: MP admitted to police some claims were wrong.

Johnny Mercer, Tory MP for Plymouth Moor View
Johnny Mercer, Tory MP for Plymouth Moor View
This saga will drag on and on, being kicked into the long grass by an establishment and judiciary who do not wish to pursue the allegations of election "irregularities" against named conservative MP's . They fear that sitting MP's may be removed from office (or even worse) thus destroying the governments already slim majority.

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The protracted "investigation" into the allegations of election expenses fraud will continue until all those involved are either dead or singing "Under the spreading chestnut tree", in some community home in the country.
It is a scandal and an outrage and demonstrates quite clearly how the public are being deceived and ignored by the election authorities and the police.