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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Where is Theresa May?

Theresa May hiding from public at activist-filled event

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Have you seen the Prime Minister who is begging for your votes in order to provide "strong and stable leadership" for the country? Apart from the few stage managed photo opportunity and sound bite meetings for the press and media, in the presence of a specially selected conservative party member only audience, the Prime Minister is conspicuously absent from the public arena. This is of course due to the indisputable fact that Theresa May does not do unrehearsed public interaction, which is why she is resisting the usual televised public debate, where her weakness for thinking on her feet without the assistance of "advisers" and "research aides" close by to whisper in the ear. Even at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, she is very reliant on the "planted question" from her own benches to put across the pre researched responses and is clearly uncomfortable when responding to questions from the opposition benches where she has no prior knowledge of content..
Perhaps for "strong and stable leadership", we should read "weak and irresolute ineptitude".
This is of course a not unsurprising circumstance as there are few, if any, people who would be prepared to be publicly questioned or cross examined on the record of their government over the past 7 years or even of her own performance since becoming Prime Minister. It is a clearly an example of someone having  to defend the indefensible.The record of this wretched government is one long list of  cuts and restrictions targeting and demonising ordinary people. The failure of a housing policy, council house rent increases, cuts to NHS budgets, freezing of benefits and public sector pay, tax and allowances concessions for the rich, abandoning "green" subsidies,scrapping nurses bursaries and at the same time raising tuition fees,cutting £30 per week for sick and disabled, capping benefits and scrapping parts of housing benefit payments,abandoning parts of the Human Rights Act and imposing severe restrictions on working people and their unions with even more examples where the many have been oppressed for the benefit of the few. It is almost understandable that the Prime Minister would not seek to expose herself to the scrutiny of public debate. However, there is another compelling reason why Theresa May is vigorously avoiding any form of public appearance other than the stage managed events for party hacks and the media.
In any televised debate, or in public hustings meetings, Theresa May would not only have to defend her governments record, but would also be open to examination of her proposals for the next parliament and the draconian extensions of conservative party dogma in austerity, cuts to State pensions, reductions of corporation tax and taxation reductions and allowances for the rich, further cuts to funding and the expansion of privatisation within our NHS,and her disastrous proposals for education, housing and further restrictions on working people and the trade union movement. She would be unable to hide behind the fallacious argument that Brexit is the only issue at this election and persist in trotting out the now threadbare cliche of "strong and stable government".   
We must continue to press the Prime Minister for proper debate of these and other issues while at the same time putting forward those arguments for our policies, which are of fundamental importance to the people of this country.

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The United Kingdom cannot afford another period of  a Theresa May government and the associated excesses of a conservative government who are just friends of the rich and powerful.