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Friday, 28 April 2017

Theresa May pleads for votes as she says EU are "ganging up" on her.

Prime Minister accuses EU members of "ganging up to oppose"’ Britain. 

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Theresa May bleating on like some spoilt child about the EU "ganging up" on her. So much for "strong and stable" leadership. She then appeals to Labour supporters to "lend" her their votes to strengthen her hand. The effrontery of this Prime Minister is breathtaking. May even lacks the honesty and integrity to be truthful about her motivations for seeking support from Labour voters.She begs for the votes of ordinary people to strengthen her hand to continue with the imposition of yet more austerity. She begs for votes to cut pensions and travel concessions for pensioners.

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She implores people to vote conservative to to continue the dismantling and privatisation of our NHS. She urges people to support the continuing housing crisis in this country, where thousand of families will never be in a position to have a home of their own. She beseeches people to vote for the governments continuing and expanding programme of cuts in welfare, social support and benefits payments. She pleads for support in resisting changes to the rights of working people and the repeal of anti workers legislation.
No matter how much the Prime Minister and her government together with the media attempt to convince us all that this election is solely about negotiations with the EU in respect of Brexit, the fact remains that "lending" her votes to strengthen her hand will result will cause immeasurable damage to the society in this country.
Everyone going to the polling booths should remember this is not a one issue election. The implications of supporting May and her conservative government are far wider and will effect this country for decades to come.