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Friday, 28 April 2017

Prime Minister refuses to rule out bypassing Parliament.

MPs attack Boris Johnson's remarks about strikes against Assad

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Straight from his "mutton-headed old mugwump" personalised insult of yesterday, the tussle haired buffoon Boris Johnson blurts out his latest gaff of "Never mind the House of Commons, lets join the Americans and bomb Assad" . This comment has provoked a hostile response from all MP's on sides of the House as Johnson suggested UK could join US action in Syria without parliamentary approval. Criticism from all sides that is apart from Theresa May, who while not actually endorsing Johnson's remarks, failed on three separate occasions to answer questions on whether she would authorise airstrikes against the Syrian regime without parliamentary approval.
This of course again emphasises how the Prime Minister is completely amenable to bypassing the Parliamentary processes and relying on executive privileged to force her will through, regardless of any opposition. Unless she is stopped, we will be moving towards a dictatorship by Theresa May and a small cabal of her cabinet, ruling by decree and completely disregarding Parliament. This is an totally undemocratic method of government and must be resisted.