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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ashdown is surprised there have not been more riots.

Lord Ashdown 'Surprised' Recession Did Not Trigger More Riots

Lord Ashdown

In response to: Paul M. (moranium)

Ashdown posed the comment that he " is surprised there have not been more riots as a result of the recession" .
In my opinion, the reason that there have been "no riots" is as I said previously, Fear.
The fear of losing your job, if you are fortunate enough to have one. The fear of "kettling" by police and other security forces. The fear of government retaliation by the use of sanctions from the DWP and other government departments. The fear of having to feed your families by reliance on Foodbanks and other charities. The fear of demonisation by the press, media and other government propaganda organisations. 
Only when people shake off the fear of consequence, will there be any real protests and as Ashdown puts it, "riots as a result of the recession" on the streets of towns and cities in Britain as the people finally take on the establishment and the government responsible for effects of recession and austerity.
It has little, if anything to do with which party people vote for, if indeed they bother to vote at all.


 Paul M. (moranium)  posted a comment  replying to my original Huffington Post contribution to this article which is reproduced here:
John Yates (John_Yates) commented
" You should not be surprised Lord Paddy. The reason can be given in one word. "Fear". 
Paul M. (moranium) replied:
"im one of the people that hasn't voted and il tell you now its not through "fear" as you put it why i will be voting ukip. It is through anger. Anger that these politicians have betrayed british people for years, too many examples to list here but il name one. EU and being ruled by brussels. Ukip are the only serious party to represent british patriotic working class people."