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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The dying throes of a party which once put priciple ahead of personal advantage.

Lib Dems declare war on the rich in 2015 manifesto

During the last four and a bit years, the LibDems have been enthusiastic allies of the Tories in the "war" against ordinary people in this country. The poor, the sick, the disabled, the benefit claimants, have had state support cut savagely as the LibDems trooped through the lobby in support of their "Coalition partners".
Working people too have been attacked with reductions in working credits, wage and salary freezes, conditions and pension restrictions and the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom, have been adversely affected by the relentless increases in the price of gas, electricity, water and all the other essentials of everyday life in this country. It is not coincidental that in the four years of the ConDem coalition, the number of people reliant on Foodbanks has increased from less than 200,000 to almost one million and is increasing every month. The LibDems are part of the government clique and must take their full share of responsibility for the resulting iniquity.
Clegg, Cable, and the other 55 LibDem MPs, have been ardent supporters of Conservative ambitions to dismantle the welfare state and the continuing drive to privatise business and industries, to encourage corporate greed as the prime motivation for economic activity at the expense of the people of this country.
In view of their track record it is questionable whether the LibDems will be able to form a government, or even whether they will have sufficient members elected to have any influence or involvement in any government emerging after the neat election.
We are witnessing that Cable's comments regarding the LibDems “declaration of war” to be contained in their next manifesto, are nothing more than the dying throes of a once principled and credible political party.