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Thursday, 9 January 2014

The prostitution of principle for contaminated power.


Ed Balls Says He Could Join Coalition With Nick Clegg


Balls and Clegg

Another reason why politics in this country and its politicians, are loathed and despised. The prostitution of principle  (if they have any) for the acquisition of power, no matter how corrupt or contaminated such power may be. The people of the country are sacrificed on the altar of the ego's and personal ambitions of shameless and self serving men (and women) more interested in their positions, salaries and expense accounts and other perks rather than working people, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and the excesses of businesses, banks and privatised industries.
The cynicism and hypocrisy of this arrogant posturing was a contributory factor in my decision to leave the labour Party some years ago. The "power at any cost" philosophy which was becoming the over riding objective  then,  seems to have become the dominant  mentality now certainly, but not exclusively, in the Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships.
As someone once said, "A plague on all their houses."