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Friday, 17 January 2014

Miliband following Blair to complete the destruction of the Labour Party

Miliband ready to abolish the electoral college in which unions, MPs and party members currently have 33 per cent of the voting power.

cynicism and hypocrisy

Miliband going down "Blair Street" thinking that the Trade Union movement have nothing to do with the Labour Party.
Miliband minor should remember what Blair and Miliband major and all the other anti union "Labour" MP's attempted to forget in pursuit of the populist vote. The Trade Union Congress formed the Labour Party. It was the Trade Union Congress together with the Labour Party (in 1945 at least) who took on the employers and the ruling establishment.
I have argued before and repeat now, that the TUC and all affiliated organisations should dump the Labour Party and create a Party from the representatives of working people and their families, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and the other disadvantaged groups within our society. A new party may not win elections, but at least they would not be tainted with the self serving, unprincipled cynicism and hypocrisy of today's Labour party, who are responsible for the continuing betrayal of working people.

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