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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Owen Patterson says Environment Agency has to make efficiencies.

Owen Paterson Denies Staff Cuts Will Affect Flood Defences


Owen Paterson MP

Owen Paterson justifies the axing of 1,600 posts by October of this year, including an estimated 550 staff employed on flood protection, with the banal comment that, “Like all departments, this department has had to make efficiencies" and then, adding the now well worn cliche "given the dire financial position we inherited when we came to office".

"the department has had to make efficiencies"

This government lurches from crisis to crisis wielding an economic axe, without consideration for consequence or effect and all on the altar of the political dogma of austerity. As usual, it is all someone else's fault as the ConDem coalition hold no responsibility for anything.

 This is the same Owen Patterson who attacked Badgers for moving the goal posts.