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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Historic Child Abuse Inquiry:Public hearings to commence in May ?

Preparations underway for Historic Abuse Inquiry

 Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - haut

On November 6th last year, I wrote in this Blog "New Agenda", that Frances Oldham QC had been nominated to Chair the Historic Child Abuse Inquiry in place of Sally Bradley QC who was originally appointed but had to withdraw due to ill health in September. I also commented that the terms of reference debate,  originally scheduled for the end of 2012,had been  was postponed until February of 2013 and most disturbingly that in November of 2013, it was "over 12 months since the States was dragged, kicking and screaming, to the decision to actually hold an inquiry into child abuse in any case".
Today we learn that, "preparations for Jersey's Historic Abuse Inquiry are well underway", Well, that's a step in the right direction. I have long been critical of the apparent prevarication, delay and obstructions which have littered the progress of this inquiry for over two years. It is not comforting to note that even today the inquiry is not scheduled to commence until May of this year and only now are interviews taking place in London this week to appoint an independent legal team to support the Inquiry. The observer may be forgiven for coming to the view that this exercise, together with the other activities necessary to commence the proceedings, may lead to a further delay beyond the date in May. It has been a feature of this whole subject, that there seems to have been a concerted and well orchestrated effort by those with their own agenda's, to ensure that any inquiry into historic child abuse should be delayed for as long as possible and preferably abandoned all together.
These people and organisations lurking in the shadows must not be allowed to prevail.