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Monday, 27 January 2014

Cameron vows to cut red tape

 The Government is to dispose of or change thousands of "crazy" rules affecting businesses

David Cameron to announce at FSB conference


Since time immemorial, (well it certainly seems like it), politicians of all political persuasions have been promising to "cut the red tape and get businesses moving". A very laudable proposition which is always well received by the press and media.
The problem with this pompous posturing, is that as fast as the scissors or shears or whatever are slashing away at the tangled undergrowth and roots of the "red tape", some faceless Whitehall civil servant is frantically scribbling away with his quill putting into "Whitehall speak" written word, the latest spouting of his Ministers whim, dogma, pet theory or harebrained scheme to modernise or reform the system. This of course leads to two results.
Namely, the creation of more red tape to replace the red tape being slashed at the other end of the building and the growth of a feeling of cynical scepticism among people who wonder if the politician actually realises that it is back to square one........again.