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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

120 homes every year for the whole of Dorset, is nowhere near enough.

WELCOME BOOST: Plans to build 600 new homes revealed

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Magna housing board and directors

600 houses in 5 years. A pathetic gesture which does little to address the acute hosing shortage particularly in the rented sector, in Dorset. Politicians must have the political will to address this scandalous housing crisis, not only in Dorset but in constituencies around the whole country. The solution is for the country to commit to building 800,000 new home over the course of a full parliament where at least 70% of the new homes would be for social housing. For far too long, the housing shortage has been used as a means of maintaining high price levels in the housing market and for the price of land, thus condemning many families to the prospect of never being able to afford to purchase or even rent a home of their own. 

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800,00 homes per year required

The recent application for development of the Dorchester prison site, eventually rejected at the planning stage, specifically excluded the provision of "affordable homes". It is freely acknowledged that there is an acute shortage of affordable homes for rent and for first time buyers in Dorchester and surrounding areas. 

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Planning application submitted for Dorchester Prison site

The "promise" to build 120 such homes each year for the next five years for the whole of Dorset is a drop in the ocean and verges on an insult to those families desperate for a decent place to live.