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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Austerity is a myth says Cameron's former Chief of staff.

Austerity is a myth says Alex Deane.

Alex Deane.

Meet Alex Dean, a British writer, political commentator and consultant. He served as Chief of Staff to David Cameron and Tim Collins during their respective periods as Shadow Secretary of State for Education.
Alex Deane is another of these newspaper "previewers", so favoured by Sky Television News, because presumably they agree with the Sky News version of truth and news. Thus so it was that last night (2nd September) Alex Deane found himself on the sofa of the Sky studio previewing the (following) morning papers. The front page of the Guardian provided the highlight of the programme with its story under the headline "Clegg: Osborne casually cut welfare for poorest to boost Tory popularity". As Cameron's former Chief of Staff, and clearly not an admirer of Nick Clegg, Deane launched into a bizarre outburst of warped logic and twisted recollection of events, defending and supporting George Osborne and his economic policies whilst at the same time pouring scorn and criticism on Clegg.

Rachel Shabbi

Matters really came to a head when Deane dismissed the Guardian claim that Osborne had taken the austerity axe to welfare in order to boost conservative party popularity. This generated a heated exchange between Deane and Rachel Shabi who was sharing the Sky sofa as the other previewer, particularly when Deane made the extraordinary claim that austerity was in fact a myth and that this country was enjoying the benefits of increasing public expenditure over the past few years. This caused the exchanges between Deane and Shabi to become even more heated, to the obvious embarrassment of Stephen Dixon, the Sky News anchor, who remained silent as Rachel Shabi ripped into the former Chief of Staff for Cameron with numerous examples of how austerity and cuts had destroyed peoples lives, particularly the poor and sick. Austerity was not a myth to the hundreds of thousands of families who had been severely adversely effected, in order to Boost the popularity of the conservative party.

Image result for stephen dixon sky news
Stephen Dixon.

How Sky can persist with inviting these biased and patronising paper previewers can only be explained by Sky seeking to ensure that only those complying with the Sky editorial policy will be allowed through the doors. Clearly, they made a huge blunder in allowing Rachel Shabi onto the sofa.
How anyone, no matter how supportive of the Conservative party they may be, can describe austerity and its effects on peoples lives in this country, as a myth existing only in the minds of a few, is inconceivable.
Alex Deane demonstrated last night that he is in complete denial of fact and reality.