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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Miliband Major is not coming back

David Miliband savages 'unelectable' Jeremy Corbyn, and his own brother too

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There are those in the Labour party who would like to see the return of Miliband Major to British politics. There are also those in the Labour party who rather that he stayed 3000 miles away. Miliband Major never really got over the shock, some may even say humiliation, of being defeated by his brother Miliband Minor, for the "Big Job" in Labour Party politics. Many people, not least of all Miliband Major himself, considered that the matter was a done deal and that he would be anointed as leader, to follow in the footsteps of Blair (via Brown). His disappointment and surprise was evident to all at the special Labour Party Conference, and to those watching on television, as Miliband Minor was awarded the crown, and within a very short space of time, Miliband Major stood down as an MP and disappeared to America to take up a lucrative position as Head of International Rescue Committee in New York, becoming CEO  on 1 September 2013. He has never really recovered from the shock of his brother winning and has spent the last 6 years or so, sulking and posturing from the comfort of his position in America.  

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Like his mentor Blair however, Miliband Major periodically emerges from the shadows to give to anyone prepared to listen or to any "journalist" from a newspaper prepared to give some space, his thoughts, guidance and advice on the ills of the Labour Party and its leadership, and how he has the answers if anyone will listen. However, again like the contributions from Blair, the words waft around in the breeze of British politics for a short time and then disperse to be forgotten and lost in obscurity.
Miliband Major has nothing to say, other than a few sour grapes remaining from his defeat and his realisation that he is not coming back.