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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Power cuts are very regular around here

Another power cut in the Bride Valley.

Image result for Scottish power Another power cut

I am an early riser. This morning was no exception and I was forced to grope around the hose in complete darkness due to yet another power cut. When power eventually returned and I was able to access my PC, I sent the following to Scottish Power.

"Good morning Scottish Power.
For the second time in less than a week, this area has been subjected to a power cut. On both occasions, power was not restored until 05:45 and was certainly "off" for at least 1 hour. Power cuts are common in the Bride Valley area of Dorset, particularly during the later part of the year, specifically late August through to mid to late March. This is particularly galling since the vast majority, if not all of the homes in this area are reliant on electricity as the sole source of energy. There is no pattern to the cuts which can occur at any time of day, or in the instances today and as during this week, at any time of night.
If these cuts are associated with "routine maintenance" (which I do not believe for one minute) then it should be possible to advise users that power will be "off" during a specified time. However, where power cuts occur at random, for an unspecified duration with monotonous regularity, it pushes the concept of co-incidence a bit far.
I appreciate that (yet) another privatised company is responsible for the actual supply of power and that you are only responsible for the collection of money for supply to individual accounts, however, it is not unreasonable to expect that you have some form of formal contact with the supplying company and would be able to impress upon them that constant and irregular power outages to homes reliant purely on electricity for cooking, washing, domestic appliances etc. is intensely annoying and unacceptable.


I am awaiting their response.