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Friday, 9 September 2016

John McTernan and the Telegraph are so wrong. Again !

Owen Smith wiped the floor with Jeremy Corbyn in Labour's Question Time debate.

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John McTernan
How can this "political adviser" McTernan, be so wrong on so many issues?
McTernan writing for the Telegraph again, says he was watching BBC's Question Time Labour leadership debate last night (8th September). Perhaps the headline to this Telegraph story and the content of the article itself, was the only text that the Telegraph would allow McTernan to put into print before paying him his fee.
He was certainly not watching the same 60 minutes of debate that I watched and tellingly, his verdict on the proceedings is not reflected in the poll at the end of the article either. Certainly I and I suspect hundreds of thousands of other viewers, drew an entirely opposite conclusion from what we saw and heard during the exchanges.

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At the end of the debate, and not for the first time during the hustings thus far, many of the audience crowded around Jeremy Corbyn at the conclusion of the programme leaving Owen Smith, isolated at the podium, looking around the studio as if seeking the comfort of just one autograph hunter. Having lingered for just a few seconds, Smith seemed to accept that he had lost this hustings debate too and took the only option available, to exit stage left to find his coat and the nearest taxi rank.
There is only one televised hustings debate remaining in this leadership election campaign. Clearly Smith will have a mountain to climb in any attempt to make up the ground he has already lost.
He would do well to avoid McTernan in any quest for a "political adviser".