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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A new Crusade

Mali: 'Hundreds' Of British Troops Could Assist France In Fight Against Islamists


The people of this country should wake up to the reality of what is taking place in Mali. It has nothing to do with terrorism, rebels, insurgents, Islamist extremist, jihadists or any of the other emotive descriptions used by politicians and repeated parrot fashion by the media and television “pundits”. It has nothing to do, except indirectly, with the abundance of mineral resources in the country, which are currently only exploited to a fraction of their real worth.
The situation in Mali today is about war. Not the war of nations as was the case in 1914 and 1939, or even the wars of the 1950's. This war in Mali, is at the same time new and almost as old as history. It is a war of religion. In exactly the same way as the Crusades of the 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries were wars of religion and waged by the West, predominately Europe. 

Today it is France, soon to be joined by the United Kingdom and the European Union, with the United States lurking in the background providing “logistical support”. For months, if not years, the west has been ramping up the atmosphere in respect of anti Islam feelings and now it seems is determined to embark on a 21st Century Crusade with Mali as a springboard. Having to a greater or lesser extent, lost control of power bases, and dubious allies in the region, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and soon it seems Syria, the west is skating on very thin ice in trying to regain by force what it has lost by duplicity. Today it is “only” 200 or so British ground troops (despite Cameron's assurance that we would only ever provide air transports) as “trainers”. This is of course similar to the initial use of American ground forces in Vietnam, who would only act as “advisers” to the then Saigon government. 
More and more British, French, European, and soon no doubt American troops will be deployed in Mali as the conflict spreads across borders. The excuse will be the “fight against terror” or “spreading peace and democracy”. The reality is very different. There are countries and leaders in the world who for years, have been itching to pitch their military might against the forces of Islam. History tells us that wars of religion are vicious and bloody events and can often last for years, decades or even centuries. People must understand the reality of the current situation rather than the lies and deceit that governments and media are so desperate to feed us. 
Message to all “western leaders”. In your crusades against Islam and your cynical exploitations of the countries and peoples of the area, do not count on me as either your ally or your supporter.