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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow could put UK in a triple-dip recession

Third slump in four years looms as shoppers stay at home and transport links grind to a halt

Snow could put UK in recession |

First, it was the fault of "the economic mess that we inherited from the last Labour government", then it was the "effects of the world wide economic slowdown" then the "banks failure to lend" now it is a few inches of snow. We are fortunate in this country when we only have to endure a few inches when other countries have snowfall of many feet, which remains in place for months on end with the associated minus temperatures. Should we ever be faced with a snowfall across the country of 2 or 3 meters, economic disaster and bankruptcy would result in a few days.

Triple dip here we come

The government would of course, ensure that no blame or criticism could be attached to their economic policies.