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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The "cover up" and those involved must also be exposed.

The Metropolitan Police and NSPCC have published a joint report, Giving Victims a Voice, on Jimmy Savile's sexual offending.

jimmy savile
Jimmy Savile, the subject of the detailed police and NSPCC report

Savile's evil exploits over many years are now exposed, but it is reasonable to suspect that this is not the full extent of his crimes. An outstanding question of this whole scandal is how Savile managed to evade prosecution for over 40 years. There is little doubt that others, both individuals and organisations, were involved in an elaborate and widespread concealment of Savile's activities and conspired to prevent investigation and exposure at the time of the abuses. With the geographic spread of assaults ranging from Lothian to Jersey and from South Wales to Kent with a total of 214 offences, and those are only the ones recorded in "Giving victims a voice", it is inconceivable to imagine that  there has not been a concealment of the facts on a mammoth scale, by those who knew.

jimmy savile report
A reporter holds a copy of a report into the sexual allegations of the late TV star, Jimmy Savile

These investigations must not be allowed to end with just a few prosecutions of the abusers. All those persons and organisations either actively involved in the abuse or responsible for concealing the abuse must be exposed and prosecuted. This story is littered with inconsistencies and questionable "facts". There are far too many instances of files being "lost" and allegations not being pursued, Savile being given un restricted access to institutions and vulnerable people, with statements and comments from people and responsible bodies which today do not bear close examination. The historic cover up is falling apart and must be completely revealed and those responsible for and involved in it, must be prosecuted.