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Monday, 14 January 2013

Government help for private companies in NHS to maximise their bottom line.

 Private companies providing NHS services could be exempt from paying corporation tax on their profits


Private NHS providers in line for corporation tax exemption

 Labour should not be "calling" on the government not to "let the tax avoiders into the NHS". Labour should be demanding that there should be no privatisation of the NHS and any private companies operating within the NHS at the time of the next Labour government will be absorbed by the health service and taken into public ownership. If these private companies are to operate for the time being within the NHS, they should pay corporation tax the same as any other private company. Why should the tax payer subsidise private parasites and assist the Tories in rewarding their friends in business as they sell off  huge chunks of our services? For far too long Labour have acquiesced in the privatisation scam of this and other public assets. There are numerous examples of public utilities and services which are far too important to society to be sold off into the hands of private profiteers. Labour should make it perfectly clear that public ownership is the objective.