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Monday, 14 January 2013

Sanctions hit the sick and elderly..

 Hundreds of thousands of Iranians with serious illnesses have been put at imminent risk by the  consequences of international sanctions.


Iran unable to get life-saving drugs

Sanctions imposed on Iran and instigated by Israel and the United states, are without doubt the greatest act of hypocrisy that the western world has indulged in for decades. Lacking proof or justification, Israel, who has never signed the non proliferation treaty despite having a significant arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the United States, which has a nuclear capability sufficient to destroy this planet hundreds of times over, are inflicting pain and hardships on the ordinary people of Iran, and the rest of the "International Community" is blindly joining in this barbaric infliction of collective punishment. The propaganda, dis information and blatant lies of Israel and the United States, has led to the acceptance of the "Iranian threat" myth by many people in the west whose thoughts and opinions are now driven by fear rather than logic. This tactic has been employed many times in the past to justify some act of aggression or military intervention to meet a hidden agenda and to gain acceptance or some semblance of credibility with the public. People in the west are sleepwalking into a nightmare engineered in Washington and Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, the people of Iran are living the nightmare of shortages in food, essential drugs and other supplies as did the people of Iraq previously and of other nations before and since. With a few notable exceptions, blanket sanctions have never worked to bring about the result so craved by the west. When the majority of a nations population support the actions of their government the evidence suggests that they are more likely to endure the privations of sanctions and develop a growing determination to resist.