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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"Vital measures" which will make things worse.

Benefits cap: seven million families hit

Iain Duncan Smith, Prime Minster David Cameron and George Osborne

Government insists there are no "soft options" when it comes to tackling the deficit.

The Government has insisted capping benefits at 1% for the next three years is vital in reducing the debt.  There are however, no plans being prepared to stop the energy companies increasing their prices two or even three times every year, to cap any bonus payments made by banks or other financial institutions to 1% or less, to restrict the prices charged to consumers by the water companies or public utilities, to cut the subsidies paid to private companies such as the railways and to reverse their recently announced inflation busting price hikes. When it comes to essential measures to reduce the deficit, this government seems to have forgotten that "we are all in it together". Shameful hypocrisy by Cameron and his cronies.